[The History of Whoo] Gongjinhyang 3 pcs set

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  • Essential Moisturizing Balancer (150 ml): This concentrated ultra hydrating balancer supplies abundant, extreme moisture to dry skin to soften and moisturize 
  • Essential Nourishing Emulsion (110 ml): This oriental herbal lotion infuses gloss and vitality into skin with sufficient nutrition and moisture supply. 
  • Intensive Nutritive Cream (30 ml): This highly enriched cream improves the appearance of bounce of skin by tightly plumping up skin rom inside to surface 
  • Essential Moisturizing Balancer (Sample) (20 ml)
  • Essential Nourishing Emulsion (Sample) (20 ml)
  • Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream (Sample) (4 ml)
  • Mi Luxury Lipstick 15 (Sample) (1 ea)