Sulwhasoo Radiance Blusher- Pink Harmony

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Product Overview

A legendary blush inspired by the beauty and vitality of red plum blossoms. The luxe case holds three satiny powders—a mix of soft pink and coral, as well as a pearlescent highlighter—that can be used alone or blended together to create a vibrant and versatile look.


USAGE: Use to add the brightness of vitality to the skin in the last step of make up. 


A multi-color blusher that adds a radiant skin tone to the cheeks brings a liveliness  you r skin.


Product Features:

- The highlighter + Blusher  composed of three colors create bright vitality and radiance diffusing from healthy-looking skin for elegance and liveliness.

- Like the red plum blossoms that bloom with vitality, the Bloominous Pear Powder delivers clear and radiance light and gives the liveliness to the skin.