Plabeau S1

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Product Overview

Bring home the ultimate skincare experience

Save money and time from going to premium dermatology centers and bring the power of plasma skin care home for your convenience!

This amazing device provides 3 beneficial effects that will boost any skincare routine.

Enhanced Skin Absorption

Plasma temporarily changes the lipid structure of the skin, creating temporal pores to allow for the transdermal delivery of large, rich substances that otherwise cannot enter skin without plasma, including vitamins, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.


Plasma accelerates the skin regeneration process through promoting blood circulation, vascularization, and the growth of fibroblasts and collagen.

Skin Purification

Plasma removes sebum and debris from the skin and alleviates various skin troubles by purifying the skin from bacteria, fungus, viruses, and even super-bacterias.

Best part? This device has run through countless tests and reports to ensure that you can receive plasma skin care without any side effects or tolerance buildup.

Included with your Plabeau:

Cera Cream - an intensive skin calming cream that features ceramide NP to help protect your skin from external stimulants while keeping your skin optimally moist, boosting your skin's immunity.

Check out the video below to see results!

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