Perfect Cover Cushion

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Product Overview

A high coverage cushion that maintains perfect makeup for all day long by covering up any flaws with cream texture while providing SPF 20 PA++

Super adhesive pact with full coverage

The thin plate-like powder perfectly adheres to your skin and the light, round powder that doesn’t clump together creates an optimal pact feeling.

Excellent and long-lasting makeup

Using ceramide-coated powders, to enhance makeup lasting without taking moisture out of the skin.

How to Use:

After unsealing, use the puff to press down on the air cushion. [To save air cushion powder, do not use excessive force when pressing] Use a puff to press out the dispensing. Gently take a face on the face. Cover the area. Apply a proper amount to the foundation. Apply to the face. Take a proper amount of depth to cover the area. Gently pat until the cover. Complete the flawless makeup.