Pang Pang Hair Shadow

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Product Overview

A fuss-free hair powder that cleans up uneven hairlines for a fuller, more youthful look.

Turn that “M” hairline into a smooth and youthful “U”! Our innovative hair shadow perfectly touches up uneven hairlines with a tap. The cute, take-along Pang Pang cleans up an uneven hairline by filling where hair is sparse. Infused with rejuvenating Rosehip Fruit Oil, Pang Pang comes in various shades for a natural looking match on all hair colors.

  • Pang Pang Puff & Mirror- Use the included Pang Pang Puff to lightly tap for easy application
  • Rosehip Fruit Oil- Smoothes and revitalizes hair
  • Convenient Petite Size- Take along for touch-ups anywhere any time

Pang Pang shadow comes complete with a mirror and puff so touch-up is easy.

How to Use

Use the convenient, cushiony “Pang Pang Puff” to apply.

Lightly tap the Pang Pang Puff and apply, as needed.