Gongjinhyang In Yang Lotion

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Provide rich nutrients for long-lasting moisture with this ultra moisturizing emulsion

The In Yang emulsion/lotion is packed with eastern herbal nutrients to improve skin resilience and leave it moisturized. This emulsion is light textured so you won't feel heavy after use as it gives a clean and smooth finish that will leave you refreshed. 

How to Use

Gently apply to face after using essence by tapping gently with palms

The History of Whoo Gong Jin Hyang Line

The History of Whoo begins here with their basic skincare line that focuses on restoring youthful facial line to aging skin. The focus is to supply nutrients and resilience to the skin through SooSeungHwaGang in and out of the skin

SooSeungHwaGang what?

This idea that the head stays cool while the lower part of the body stays warm. as we age, the body's ability to control this heat weakens.

As women age, the vitality of the internal organs also weaken together with the meridians which pass through the face. This weakening interferes with proper blood circulation. Around the age of 35 we start seeing signs of aging such as weaker skin resilience and sagging begins to appear

To combat this, we want to focus on increasing energy flow and strengthen the body's ability to control the heat to reach a balance between Yin & Yang

Who would this be good for?

  • If you're concerned about wrinkles and loss of skin resilience, we recommend beginning with this skincare line
  • Anyone looking for a mild skincare line that emphasizes eastern herbal ingredients to obtain clear improvements to their skin

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