The Brand Concept: 

su:m37* is naturally fermented cosmetics containing vitality of the nature as it is.

A deeper mystery that cannot be explained

with human dedication and science alone is hidden

in the process of changing the intrinsic healthy 

energy of plants to be optimized for the skin.



We are trying to get closer to the mystery of life.

The marvelous natural conditions of the life and 

the old secrets of the original beauty instead of 

explaining proven excellence and efficacy.

of fermented science.


37 secret codes hidden in su:m37*

su:m37* secretly lies between our known world 

and our unknown world.



su:m37*, the cosmetics containing the mysterious efficacy of natural fermentation.

The secret called 'cytosis' is hidden in all products of su:m37*

This is way the cytosis is born.


86 kinds of seasonal plants are gathered every season.

Such parts as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruits where

the best energy is gather together are selected to be separately fermented.

Fermentation takes place in su:m37* Natural Fermentation Laboratory located in 

an area without large-scale commercial facilities within a 10-km radius in 

Gangwon-do boasting of clean water and oil.

The floor of a fermentation room is covered with black charcoal and a fermentation tank s placed on it.


Various fermentation tanks such as oak tank, a cedar tank and a pottery tank

are used to befit each ingredient and microorganism. 

And then, waits continue in the course of careful adjustment of 

temperature and humidity. Ingredients that have been fermented in a certain period of time are combine with the technology 

of su:m37* before another wait continues for four seasons.

Of these naturally fermented products, only the ingredients that are good for the skin 

are filtered out again to create cytosis, the essence of su:m37*